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Some thoughts on a recent Podoconiosis field trip to Cameroon

posted Dec 3, 2014, 5:20 AM by Nicola Wardrop

I recently visited Cameroon with PhD student Seann Regan and an interdisciplinary team of researchers, for a study looking at the correlations between soil composition and occurrence of podoconiosis. Podo is a non-infectious form of elephantiasis, which causes significant swelling of the lower limbs, resulting in disability and stigma. Seann has written a blog about his experiences in Cameroon:

"Occasionally an opportunity presents itself, a brief phone call, a chat, a shared academic interest, and a proposal.

Occasionally you find yourself being led around North West Cameroon by an Ékpè Chief navigating forests and near impassible roads, eating exotic and questionable foods, crossing paths with corrupt army officials, and trying desperately to decode Cameroonian pidgin.

Occasionally you meet a Ju-ju...."

Find the rest of the blog on the Global Environmental Change and Earth Observation website.